Westfalia vehicle specific tow bar wiring kitGenuine Tow Bar Wiring Kit consists of a vehicle-specific wiring harness and control unit with vehicle connectors and relays designed to fit and operate specifically with your vehicle. Most kits consist of a trailer control unit, loom with the corresponding plug in connectors, power and communication cables, fully detailed vehicle-specific pictorial instructions, and a high-quality 7 or 13 pin socket.
In addition, you will also find a number of cable ties, fuses, and grommets necessary to complete the installation. Genuine Tow Bar Wiring Kits are better than universal kits, because dedicated kits are specially designed to work in harmony with your vehicle’s electronic system. Most will communicate with other vehicle control units to alter other vehicle settings accordingly.
This will also activate the dash trailer indicator warning light, deactivate parking aids and the rear fog lamps. These are model dependant features. Genuine Tow Bar Wiring Kits are generally not that difficult to fit, full and detailed instructions come with the kit. Fitting is usually done within a couple of hours and coding is required with vehicle-specific diagnostics tools. The benefits of a dedicated kit, is that when you tow the kit will alter the vehicle systems such as the trailer stability control program, suspension settings, traction control, and anti-lock braking.

Genuine Tow Bar Wiring Kits operate three types of warning devices: audible beep, visual dash warning light when indicating and the original indicator warning light will flash at twice the usual rate when a trailer indicator has failed. In most cases, a dedicated kit will perform the full light functions after correct installation and coding will not be required. However, if you wish to benefit from the additional safety features and other functions, then a recode may be required. Full coding details are included in the kit.

7-pin vs 13 pin wiring kits

Features: 7-pin wiring kit 13-pin wiring kit
Rear lights yes yes
Brake lights yes yes
Turn signal lights yes yes
Rear fog light yes yes
Trailer turn signal light control yes yes
Reverse light no yes
Permanent positive line no yes
Charging line no yes

7-pin wiring kit

This wiring kit is the economic model with basic lighting functions for the trailer.

Connecting a permanent positive or charging line for additional functions in the trailer, and the reverse light function with a cycle carrier, is not possible.

7-pin wiring kit

13-pin wiring kit

The 13-pin kit provides the option for further convenient functions such as lights in the trailer, refrigerator operation or reverse light with a cycle carrier.

This equips you for all situations from the start.

13-pin wiring kit

universal vs vehicle specific wiring kits

Universal wiring kits

Can be used on numerous different vehicle types:

  • Offering complete support of the vehicles lighting system and some of the comfort functions (e.g. PDC, fog light switch off)

Vehicle specific wiring kits

Supporting the manufacturer's vehicle warranty

A vehicle-specific wiring kit is the recommended system for all modern vehicles. They provide you with all the benefits manufacturers code into their vehicle management systems to make towing a safe & reliable experience

  • Activation of the vehicles TSP (Trailer Stability Program) helping to correct the ‘snaking’ action of a trailer
  • Adapted braking settings providing optimal emergency stopping and enhanced assistance on hill starts
  • Continuation of the vehicles light health check monitoring system to provide warning of any bulb failures
  • Disabling of the vehicle‘s rear parking sensors to stop unnecessary and distracting ‘beeps’
  • Disabling of the vehicle‘s rear fog lights (but not the caravan‘s!) to avoid distracting rearview mirror glare
  • Adapted new gear ratio settings for automatic gearboxes to take account of the extra load being towed
  • Disabling of the vehicle‘s stop/start economy feature to avoid stalling in unsafe locations

Other features that may be adapted include reversing cameras, adaptive cruise control, suspension systems and cooling systems

Westfalia dedicated wiring kit with CAN module