Australia Tow Bars & Performance Perth Installer

Your European vehicle deserves the best, that’s why you bring it to a specialist who understands the unique features they have.

At our Perth workshop we understand that you have chosen a European vehicle for a reason. The luxury. The advanced technology. The high performance personality. These are all extensions of what you want out of life. That’s why you look for a mechanic who shares your passion for your vehicle.

As vehicles evolve so do the electronic systems in them. These computerised systems are designed to work together and that’s why it is so important to factor these in when fitting a towbar.

To achieve this, we approach the installation from the following perspectives:

  • We use only the best tow bars – Westfalia are our preferred brand, since they are German engineered and the oldest tow bar manufacturer. With a wide range of choices to suit various budgets and towing requirements, these OEM options fit perfectly and work extremely well without the need to cut bumpers and drill into chassis.

  • We use only the best tow bar electrics – Westfalia electrics perfectly integrate with your vehicle’s electrical system as they are designed to work like an OEM part. These modules are LED light compatible and will work with the vehicle’s central electric control module or body control module, to capture and isolate any bulb faults and display these on your dashboard. You can be rest assured that there will be no wiring issues when using these high quality electrics, whether with a trailer or a bike rack.

  • We use manufacturer-certified installation techniques – Our workshop is equipped with workshop manuals for every vehicle we work on. Combined with the correct tooling and installation techniques you won’t find parts squeaking or missing bolts and clips that could compromise your safety and void your warranty.

  • We use manufacturer certified software to scan and code your vehicle – Your vehicle will be scanned for faults prior to us undertaking any work. This will allow you the opportunity to address any issues prior to work starting, especially if your vehicle is still under warranty. We have coding and diagnostic software for VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW and Mercedes to name a few.

  • We carry out all installations in our workshop - Our workshop is fully equipped to manage the installation of your tow bar to the highest standards. With our extensive range of tools and ample space your vehicle is secure from the moment it arrives. We service all of WA and can offer flexible drop off and collection times to suit you.

  • We take the time to ensure you get the right product – If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. We take the time to fully understand what you need and allow you the time to ask questions before committing to anything. We aim to simplify the process and give you the customer service you deserve. We won’t push you for a sale and then rush you out the door.

  • We can offer more in-house services – With over 25 years of working with European vehicles, we’ve had the time to develop our skills, making us a one stop shop for you vehicle. Tuning. Servicing. Engine & transmission rebuilds. Air-conditioning. Diagnosis. Feel free to ask us about the other services we can offer you.

So whether you have an Audi RS4, a Volvo XC40, a Renault Clio or Volkswagen Touareg (to name a few), we can find the best solution to suit your needs.